Our Volunteer Do-and-Discover Program at the SPCC

Whether it be to fulfill a cross-cultural internship requirement, or you desire to have an impactful and life-changing summer, the SPCC offers many opportunities to people who would like to meaningfully serve and culturally learn, 'for the good of Antalya and the glory of God'. If you are interested in exploring such opportunities, please e-mail us. We would be glad to discuss possibilities with you. And from all of us at the St. Paul Cultural Center, thank you for your interest!

Opportunities for Cultural Learning and Service:

English Conversation Group Facilitator (Ongoing)

SPCC provides English conversation groups for the local Turkish community. Participants are from all walks of life, who are at an intermediate English-speaking level and wish to improve. As the group leader, you will pick conversation topics and facilitate the discussion. A few thoughtful questions can keep the discussion going for several minutes or even hours, and all the while you'll be helping eager learners improve their invaluable conversation skills. Many wonderful friendships are also built during this time, which often extend far beyond the walls of SPCC.

The conversation club currently meets on two nights a week, for two hours each time. We at SPCC are however, considering ways to significantly grow the program and heighten the integration and effectiveness of the group interactions. To this aim, SPCC is looking for someone who has an education or certificate in ESL teaching, to provide leadership and to take this program forward. If this is your passion, PLEASE CONTACT US!!

Paul's Place Cafe Help (Ongoing)

Paul's Place is the Cafe located on the main floor of the St. Paul Cultural Center. It strives to provide a warm, nurturing place where anyone can come and meet, no matter their faith.

As a Cafe assistant, you'll improve not only your serving and people skills, but also your coffee and smoothie-making abilities! As you work with both Turkish and International staff, your communication skills will undoubtedly be stretched and strengthened. You will meet travellers from all around the world, as well as many Turks, who would be glad to stay a while and practice their English with you. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity for Cultural Learning and Service!

Musicians (Ongoing)

Musicians and musical groups have additional opportunities to provide background music in Paul's Place or in the SPCC garden, or even to provide an evening concert to which all kinds of people will likely come.

St. Paul Union Church (Ongoing)

The transient nature of the Inter-denominational International Church always makes for an exciting Sunday Service, which will likely be much different than your church back home. However, it also means there is always an opportunity for someone to step up-to the plate and get involved- in leading worship, Scripture studies, operating the sound board, serving refreshments, and in other weekly programs of the St. Paul Union Church. Opportunities for being mentored by members who have lived here long-term can also be arranged, and are welcomed! For more information on how you can get involved, please contact us.

Olive Grove Counselor (June 2013)

Olive Grove's purpose is to provide children and youth ages 8-18 with unforgettable opportunities and challenges to grow as individuals, friends, and followers of God. As a counselor, you will have the marvelous privilege of investing in the lives of these children and youth, engaging with people from many different nationalities, serving, and growing- all on an idyllic stretch of the Mediterranean. For more information, visit the Olive Grove page, or contact us. To see the picture gallery from Olive Grove 2012, Click Here.

Duden English Club (July 2013)

Stick around for a few extra weeks after Olive Grove or visit us in July to help plan and run a week of fun and entertaining English for eager, enthusiastic Turkish children in a nearby village. Be prepared for a total change of scenery and lifestyle! You will undoubtedly be blessed by these endearing children, your T-E-F-L and inter-personal skills will be refined, and you'll be of great service in the process!

Turkish - American Association (July 2013)

This will be the first year of a unique partnership between SPCC and TAA, a well established language school in the city. A number of foreign languages are taught at TAA including English, French, German and Spanish. SPCC volunteers will facilitate/help their teachers for anywhere between a week to two months. In return, the school will provide room and board with Turkish families (who will first be interviewed and approved by SPCC) for the entire duration of the time commitment, as well as lessons in basic Turkish at no charge. Field trips to historical sites with the students will also be included. This is a great opportunity for cultural learning, building relationships with nationals, and learning Turkish. We are very excited about this new partnership!

Administrative Help (ongoing)

If you are the organized, detailed, task-oriented type, we'd appreciate any amount of time you could volunteer to serve with us. SPCC regularly hosts conferences, which require diligent administrative work in the weeks leading upto them in order for them to run smoothly. Registration for Olive Grove also proves to be a big undertaking each year, for which we can always use some extra hands. These behind-the-scenes acts of humble service are essential to the life-changing programs and events they undergird!

Maintenance (ongoing)

The Antalya climate can be harsh on facilities: intense sun in the summer, salt from the Mediterranean Sea, strong wind and rain storms in the winter. Continued upkeep of the grounds and facilities of the SPCC is required. Projects at any given time can include painting outside and inside, landscaping, renovations, maintaining children's play areas, and basic improvements. If you or a group are interested in work projects, please contact us to find out what our latest needs are. And in advance, we sincerely thank you!