A Note From the Pastor

At the St. Paul Union Church you won't find superior-minded people who think they have life all together. Instead, you're certain to find flawed people who realize that they are hopeless without God and his grace. You'll find people who struggle with faith and doubt. You'll meet others, like yourself, who desire acceptance, encouragement, and a worthwhile reason to live. And you'll encounter people who are committed to making meaningful contributions to the lives of others.

Worshipping God with less-than-perfect people at the St. Paul Cultural Center promises to enrich your life! Indeed, solitary worship and private prayer fall short of this: enjoying God along with others, growing with them in Christ-focused faith, serving one another in God- honoring ways, and going forth to share Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

This is what the St. Paul Union Church is all about. Will you join us? If you do, we will gladly welcome you!

On behalf of the whole congregation,

Pastor James Bultema